Knotted Root Brewing Company

Knotted Root Brewing Company



Knotted Root Brewing Company is a small, artisan brewery located in the quaint mountain setting of Nederland, Colorado.  Combining elements of traditional Belgian brewing and American experimentation, Knotted Root focuses on unfiltered hoppy ales and rustic farmhouse ales.

The Collective

Photo by Jim Narcy

Photo by Jim Narcy

Chris Marchio. Founder. Head Brewer.

Chris began his brewing journey at college in rural Vermont as a homebrewer, where he fell in love with the process.  At the same time, Vermont was silently moving towards the status of  a world-class beer destination, producing some of the most sought-after hoppy ales.  These beers had a profound affect on his palate and overall passion for hops.  

From Vermont, Chris ventured west to Washington to formally study brewing and fermentation science at Central Washington University.   He developed a deep knowledge for brewing science during this program, which led him to an internship at Roslyn Brewing Company.  Following the professional training at Roslyn, he moved to the Redwood forests of Mendocino, California to brew for Anderson Valley Brewing Company, developing his commercial brewing techniques into the foundation of his art. 

Colorado always held a mystical place in Chris' heart and when the opportunity presented itself to help open a brewery in Denver, he knew this was his chance. In the summer of 2014, he joined the eclectic team at Fiction Beer Company as their first employee and assistant brewer.  The brewery provided Chris with the freedom to experiment with recipes and brewing techniques.  From Fiction, Chris was offered a Head Brewer position at Joyride Brewing in Edgewater, where he continued his progressive approach towards unfiltered hoppy ales.  These beers allowed him to continue to grow and develop his voice as a powerfully creative brewer. 

After years of working in various commercial brewing environments, the opportunity to pursue the dream of opening his own brewery in an iconic mountain setting began to take shape.  Since January of 2017, Chris' primary focus has been developing the vision and inventive force behind Knotted Root Brewing Company. Taboot.

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Chris Klein. Co-Founder. Manager of Operations.

Like his counterpart, Chris Klein fell in love with beer as a young homebrewer while at Colorado College in Colorado Springs.  Having moved west for college, he had an intense desire to remain in the state and join the Colorado beer community following graduation.

After a short stint back east, Chris joined a fledgling team at startup brewery in Denver and Lakewood.  There he learned the fundamentals of running an impeccably-managed, efficient, independent taproom, as well as the basics of commercial brewing on two different systems, assisting in the process on occasion and even brewing one of his own recipes.  It was during this time that Chris began to develop a taste for clean, fruit-forward hoppy ales, blissfully unaware of much of the burgeoning New England beer scene.

In 2015, Chris took an offer closer to home in the mountains, taking the helm at Backcountry Pizza in Nederland, Colorado.  Here, managing a 16-tap draft system and a bottle list of over 30 rare and sought-after beers, he honed his skills as the manager of a premier Colorado craft beer bar.  In just over two years at Backcountry, Chris helped pioneer a new era in the Nederland beer scene, bringing in extraordinary beers from some of the finest breweries in the country including Lawson’s Finest Liquids, Outer Range Brewing, Crooked Stave Artisans, Bierstadt Lager House, and Firestone Walker Barrelworks, developing relationships with distributors and breweries alike.

Having met Chris Marchio in the Winter of 2016 and recognizing their unmistakable mutual passions, Chris Klein could not resist the offer to join him at Knotted Root Brewing.  Currently an MBA candidate at the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado, he will be managing the front of house and taproom operations, as well as overseeing brewery can releases and Colorado draft accounts. 


Jordan Lanter. Assistant Brewer.

Jordan’s brewing career began in college at The University of Central Florida when the writings of Micheal Pollan and Henry David Thoreau inspired him to homebrew and pursue a career as a brewer. After working for 2 years at Orlando Brewing Company—working as a cellarman and bottling-line operator, Jordan began brewing for Playalinda Brewing Company under the direction of Brewmaster Ron Rakie. It was at Playalinda Brewing Co. that Jordan developed a deep dedication to the daily ritual of beer production and devoted his time to learning the secrets to producing world-class beers. In addition to brewing for Playalinda Brewing Co., Jordan was heavily involved in Central Florida’s emerging craft beer scene and worked as a bartender at several prestigious craft beer bars in Central Florida including Redlight Redlight craft beer parlor. During this time, Jordan completed a certificate in Brewing Technology from the Siebel Institute and earned the distinction of Certified Cicerone.

In the spring of 2017, the call of the mountains and the opportunity to work as a production brewer for Upslope Brewing Company brought Jordan to Boulder, Colorado. After 2 years at Upslope, Jordan reached out to owner Chris Marchio about an opportunity to work as an assistant brewer for Knotted Root. After meeting, a spiritual connection was established amongst their dogs, and Jordan joined the Chris’s as “the third Chris”, in their mission to bring delightfully hoppy unfiltered ales, rustic farmhouse beers, and true-to-style continental lagers to the mountains. Jordan is very honored to have the opportunity to help create an inviting destination brewery that will be an integral fixture in the Nederland community.