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Knotted Root Brewing Company

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Blue Light Rain is an Unfiltered German Pilsner brewed in a traditional manner. Fermented cold and for an extended period of time, we used Callista hops to impart a noble, grape-like character. German Barke malt provides some body in this light and dry beer. It’s the perfect late summer beer as you walk and wonder why. Think bready, earthy, crispy with a hint of lemon. (5.3%)

Sage and Spirit is a mixed-culture Farmhouse Ale brewed with locally-harvested wild sage. It pours a straw"ish" golden yellow with a distinct funky, floral aroma. Dry-hopped with Barbe Rouge, the earthy aroma fades into ripe strawberries and finishes bone dry. Think rose, lavender, strawberries, and light hay. (6.8%)

Take Me Home Tonight is a Vanilla Coffee Porter brewed in the traditional English Dry Porter style. Aged on Madagascar vanilla beans and Salto Coffee Roasters’ Papua New Guinea roast, $1 of each pour goes to the Mountain Paws Pet Care fund to help local families with unexpected veterinary expenses. Think dark chocolate, roasted cherries, and vanilla wafers. (6.8%)

West Paonia Born & Hazed in the hop fields where I spent most of my days. Chillin’ out maxin’ on this wet-hopped Unfiltered IPA, we went a little overboard on this one in the best way possible. Think juicy grapefruit rind, pine, fresh cut grass, and orange sprees with a pronounced bitterness. (7.1%)

Cloud Hands is an Unfiltered IPA. With a blend of New Zealand, and American hops, it’s designed to showcase the melony aroma and tropical fruit flavors these varieties exhibit. It’s hazy in appearance with a full-bodied, soft finish. Think orange jam, ripe kiwi, and lime zest. Mahalo! (7.2%)

Coral Maze is a Hyper-Unfiltered IPA brewed with White Wheat and Flaked Oats. “Maze” offers a uniquely delicate mouthfeel with layers of never-ending tropical hop flavors. Barbe Rouge, Citra, and Moutere hops create an overripe melon characteristic that totally surprised us. Think cantaloupe sorbet, key lime, and tangelos. (7.4%)

Suspended in the Trees is an Unfiltered oat DIPA brewed with Citra, Motueka, Mosaic, and Waimea hops. As you drink this hazy elixir, a resounding echo grows. Think kiwi, marmalade, and orange taffy. (8%)

Thick Strawberry Goo is a Smoothie-Style Berliner Weisse. Brewed with 420 pounds of Strawberry, Raspberry, and Passionfruit. This beer is designed with more of a culinary vision than a scientific one.  Tart and jammy, this beer is brewed with a small addition of lactose, a dose of Madagascar vanilla beans, then dry hopped with Motueka.  Think of strawberry jam, red sour patch kids, and tart cherries. (5.6%)



Knotted Root Brewing Company represents life: a work in progress, constant evolution, crossing a bridge into the unknown. We aim to push the boundaries of experimentation through fermentation, while honoring those who came before us. Our consciousness is rooted in the mountain village of Nederland, Colorado: a truly unique town that has a long history of being a haven for rugged individualists and bohemians.  We embody that spirit with our beer and our business philosophy.   

Our beers are in constant rotation, all while maintaining a dedicated approach towards technique, balance, and complexity.  We aim to create subtle, nuanced, and deeply soft flavor profiles in all of our beers.

Hoppy ales are our main focus. We use proprietary techniques to highlight specific hop oils producing flavor profile's reminiscent of ripe mangos,  passionfruit, and gummy bears.  We believe an unfiltered ale presents the most authentic hop experience, so our beer remains naturally hazy in appearance.  Ensuring this balanced and finished product is of the upmost importance to us to achieve a drinking experience with layers of complexity.  We deliver some of our product in cans that are packaged on premise for on-site can releases.  


In addition to hoppy ales, our other focus is rustic, mixed-culture farmhouse ales ranging from funky and horsey to immensely fruity and acidic.  Capturing wild, mountain-born yeast and bacteria, we hope to harness the potential of our own local microflora.  Some of these beers will take years to produce, resulting in a product akin to those of the Brussels region of Belgium.  As with all of our beer, we strive for balance and subtlety.  Some of our saisons and farmhouse ales hold notes of grass, chardonnay grapes, and lemon pith; others carry an enormous amount of fruit, tasting and smelling like freshly-made jam.  The possibilities with this method of fermentation are endless and we are perpetually excited to see where the road leads us. 

Beyond hoppy and mixed-culture ales, Knotted Root produces a wide variety of beers to ensure there is something for every beer drinker to enjoy. These beers range from traditional German pilsners to barrel-aged stouts.  Our goal is to educate and create an inclusive atmosphere that thrives off of the energy of our local community and the greater craft beer culture.  Taboot.